Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Glassblowing Lesson

Kate and Richard attended one of our full day glassblowing lessons recently, they both said they had a really good time learning with Malcolm.

Malcolm is with his students every step of the way to begin with, guiding and helping where necessary.

As the day progresses after lunch Kate and Richard gain more confidence and they are able to do more on their own, although Malcolm keeps a close eye on them (he doesn't want anyone to get burnt!).

These are the pieces they made.......not bad for a first day!
To find out more information see the lessons page on our website.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Station Glass

We had a rare day out on Monday and went to see Station Glass which is Richard Goldings studio in Leicestershire. Richard was a founder of Okra Glass back in 1976 and he opened Station Glass last year.

Malcolm and Richard in the hot area
He uses an electric furnace which we were very keen to see, it’s all very compact and quiet to run too, do take a look at his website to read how he set the studio up in just 11 weeks and to see the stunning glass he produces.  

The electric furnace, lehr and glory hole combo.
Richards gallery area.

Saturday, 4 June 2011


I just have to tell you about Provedore in Falmouth , we had the most delicious meal last nightIt is a tapas restaurant situated in a very tucked away situation off the beaten track in Trelawney Road, we ordered about 6 different tapas and they were so yummy.  Finished off with a naughty pudding and the coffee was probably the nicest we have tasted.  A lovely evening out I can't recommend it enough!

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Open Day Pics

We were so delighted that so many of you lovely peeps came to watch Malcolm blowing, it took us quite by surprise.  The studio got so full at one point that we had to stop people going in until some had come out! Malcolm ended up blowing glass without stopping for 5 hours and all he had to eat were 2 bananas and a couple of tiny shortbread biscuits, next time I will make sure he has a big filling breakfast.

Finished it!

Blocking the glass


Adding a foot to a bowl

Our thanks go to our son Ben who happened to be visiting that weekend, he got roped into helping us.  We treated ourselves to the day off on Tuesday after our open day and spent a great time visiting some of the other studios that are open in Cornwall this week.
Our next "Open Day" will be Friday evening on November 25th when Malcolm will be blowing baubles for Christmas - no no don't mention Christmas yet!
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