Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Open Day at the Studio

Malcolm will be blowing all day and is happy to chat about his work and answer any questions, bring your camera and your friends too.
Do hope we will see lots of you on Monday!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

New pieces on the website

Just spent this afternoon putting some new pieces onto the website, here are a couple of them.  The first is a large Stormy Sea vase.

Large Stormy Sea Vase

This unusual "Trees in the Mist Bowl"  bowl has been made by Malcolm and our daughter Rosie created the design and did all the sandblasting.

Trees in the Mist Bowl

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Preparing to make Coast Path Pieces

Malcolm is making coast path pieces today so I thought you might like to see how he prepares all the colour, it takes him ages fiddling about to get it ready before he actually starts blowing.

Pulling the cane.....................

................out of the door!
Once he has finished pulling the cane he arranges it on the marver and chooses all the other colours that he is going to use.

Thin green cane and lines of granulated colours.

Cake tins of colours.
Right it's all ready and prepared now so he can start blowing.  Depending on how things go, and how large the pieces are, he makes maybe 3 to 5 pieces in a day.  After they are taken out the annealer the next day they are sandblasted and put back into the annealer to be fire polished, then out they come again, they are sandblasted again and finally hand polished.  
Phew.....takes ages doesn't it. Here is Coast Path vase that is finished.

Coast Path vase

Monday, 9 May 2011

The furnace is on again

Malcolm has lit up the furnace again today, this means a long day for him as he has to watch it carefully and bring it up very slowly and evenly until it reaches 600 degrees, then it is safe to leave it and go to bed at about 11pm.

A day of tidying and sorting out the studio, making it ready to blow glass again.  It's good having a day of cleaning and clearing up, makes you feel fresh and eager to work.  Also it's raining (again) today so no temptation to skip work and go out on the canoe!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Here we go!

This blog is something we have been meaning to do for quite a while now and as it is now raining cats and dogs, today is a good day to start.  It also happens to be the 1st of blog.

The furnace is not on but Malcolm will soon be lighting it up again, just for May, then it will be off again for the summer.  We have 2 days of glass blowing lessons planned, the first on the 21 May is fully booked and the next day of lessons on the 28 May has only one space left in the morning.  All the details are on the Lessons page on our website.

We are also taking part in the Fal River Festival by having an Open Day on the Bank Holiday Monday 30 May 11am to 4pm.

Wavy Sea Bowl

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